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Contemporary Astrology

Personal Astrology supports your self development as an individual covering all aspects of life. The techniques and methods used have taken years of development and we are thrilled to be able to share it with the world.

A personal consultation can be given to discuss any period of time - past, present and future, and on any relationship, life event, career issue and in any location - there is no limitation on what questions you may want to ask. 

​Contemporary Astrology uses Asteroids, Trans Neptunian Objects and Fixed Stars as well as the traditional local Planetary methods of Astrology, to interpret Natal, Forecasting, Relationship and Relocational Astrology. 

​No knowledge of Astrology is required however, to have a consultation. Every person is different so there isn't a prescriptive formula however, as a guideline, most consultations are at least one and half to two hours long with all the preparatory work being done in advance of the consultation. Notes will be provided and clients are encouraged to record the consultation on their phones as most mobiles have this facility.

​Consultations are priced from £160. 

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