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Your Sleeping State Report


This is part of a set of three Individual reports that support your "Awakening" and describe with amazing accuracy your purpose and what your gifts are to deliver it. Each report is lovingly written and is sent by email.

If you find yourself trapped and held back in life and repeating negative patterns then this report can help you. We all have challenges in life that we have to deal with. Your Sleeping State report outlines your life lessons and why they are important for your growth. Becoming conscious of your challenges helps you to awaken to them, cleanse and move forward. Knowledge is power and this power will help you to so that you can step onto your ultimate calling. It details:


Your qualities to integrate and lessons to learn


- Type of behaviour when you choose not to Awaken


- How it manifests on a physical level


- How to come out of your sleep state


- Experiential effects when starting to Awaken


What holds you back from Awakening


Your Spiritual Path to Awakening

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