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All 3 Awakening Reports (10% discount)


This is a set of three Individual reports that support your "Awakening" and describe with amazing accuracy your soul purpose and what your gifts are to deliver it. These reports have taken years of development and I thrilled to be able to share them with the world. Each report is lovingly written by myself and is sent by email. 

Report 1 - Your Awakened Purpose

Based upon Egyptian Fixed Star and Karmic Astrology this individual report describes your ultimate opportunities for growth and success in this life. It details:

Your soul's evolution, growth and transformation

How to create your own awakened future

The general theme of your life

The gifts that the universe has given you to give to others

Your Youth, Middle age and Later years journey

How you will be remembered in this life

Report 2 - Your Sleeping State

If you find yourself trapped and held back in life and repeating negative patterns then this report can help you. As souls we all enter this life with karmic challenges. Your Sleeping State report outlines your life lessons and why they are important for your growth. Becoming conscious of your challenges in this life helps you to awaken to them, cleanse and move forward. Knowledge is power and this power will help you to awaken your soul so that you can step onto your ultimate calling. It details:

Your qualities to integrate and lessons to learn

- Type of behaviour when you choose not to Awaken

- How it manifests on a physical level

- How to come out of your sleep state

- Experiential effects when starting to Awaken

What holds you back from Awakening

Your Spiritual Path to Awakening

Report 3 - How To Awaken

Using planetary astrology along with asteroid and karmic aspects this individual report identifies the how in your awakening jouney. It highlights what your unique gifts and talents are and highlights practical routes that are right for you to fulfill your ultimate potential. It sets out the best path to success for you, based upon who you are. It details:

Your key to emotional security

How to channel and integrate your self expression and power

How to achieve self worth

Where to use your intelligence and creativity

How to have good relationships

Where your focus and commitment should lie

Testimonials for Awakening Reports

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for the Awakening reports! They have definitely confirmed I am on the right path. I've had character reports along time ago but nothing like these reports. They accurately pin pointed all my passions and issues that matter to me including things I want to be involved in. Again, thank you so much, I'm so grateful for your guidance. I'm going to make sure I continue using my reiki this time and especially on me and developing my spirituality further. Look forward to keeping in touch :) Much love, light and hugs xxxx 27.5.2011


'Their power is truly amazing.  This work has changed the course of my life by supporting my choices of life path'

- Elizabeth Villani, Author and Life Coach

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