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vibefullife - the philosophy

The emphasis is on the human condition as a whole - living with awe and inquisitiveness about life and each individuals place in the universe.

The act of living vibefully sets out to celebrate the themes of sharing, compassion and oneness, and a greater understanding of one another. 

In an increasingly technological culture, human beings are looking for more meaning and are searching to find answers to the deeper questions in life. We want to both understand ourselves better and yet transcend who we are by looking outwards for a feeling of deeper, noetic connection. 

Human beings have a spiritual 'core' which goes beyond our usual understanding. It starts with intuition and those gut feelings that we can't ignore and theoretically may lead to a place beyond the everyday to self-actualisation (Maslow), individuation (Jung) or becoming more enlightened (Muller). However, there is no known fast track to achieving this state and a lack of empirical evidence as to whether this state even exists. We can only accept these concepts as an ideal to work towards and more importantly acknowledge our human flaws with grace and compassion rather than trying to attain perfection. 

The vibeful philosophy does not subscribe to any traditional dogma, religion or traditional notions of spirituality or the supernatural and seeks to maintain a clear distance from so called spiritual guru's trying to establish a hierarchical materialistic framework. Being vibeful seeks to maintain an ongoing exploration of the subject of consciousness, the self, reality and what 'exists' for each individual. Having a vibeful life embraces all cultures and religions that want to live in peace and celebrates the diversity of mankind, the Earth and the Universe. 

*Connect with you!

* Feel comfortable with your own vibe

* Form more meaningful connections with others and the world

* Be spiritually authentic and autonomous 

Mentoring, workshops and consultations in Notts/Leics/Lincs or online, covering mindfulness, meditation, spiritual counselling, contemporary astrology and healing.

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