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Workshop: Connecting with your ancestors, guides and spirit helpers, 12th June 2015, 10am-3pm, Redmile, Notts



Do you:

* lack self-confidence in understanding or interpreting your connection to the spirit world?

* find it difficult to trust your sensitivity?

* struggle to use your powers of discrimination, feeling vague and confused about your intuition?

* feel that sometimes you seem to be surrounded by energies that are very weakening and don't know how to protect yourself?

* wish that you could connect with your angels, guardians or spirit helpers and have them assist you?


Everything that we connect with in this life links back to our core essence – our spirit. We each of us, also have a universal knowledge that is very difficult to express through words as words are too restrictive. In this workshop we learn to trust our sensitivity and have a much stronger emotional active involvement with our ancestors, guides and spirit helpers. We will connect with them to help us to heal and to have a more positive attitude. The benefits we can reap could be considerable...


You will:

* gain a greater integration and clarity of psychic sensitivity

* Develop abilities that surpass normal imposed restrictions

* reorganise your mind to be a more productive channel

* learn how to interpret the signals you get


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